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Joanna Turland is a young figurative painter who works in London upon graduating from Wimbledon College of art UAL in 2018. Her practice is concerned with the process of being human by pulling apart and examining the psychological and biological intricacies that bind us to one another. As a young female artist in a predominantly male role throughout history, the artist often challenges the male status within her paintings by examining the role of the submissive male, the male nude and celebrating the qualities of female control and dominance within painting which has been frequently overlooked throughout art history.

The artist bravely uses painting as its own language and culture to unapologetically map out and explore what it is to be human wanting to engage with the audience by opening up meaningful discussions in such a way that makes her work universal and relatable. The directness and simplicity of the compositions make them powerful while the scale of the work dominates the space. The paintings exist in a space just before or after an event, the viewer is therefore asked to project his or her own interpretations onto the work and in this process exploring themselves and creating a dialogue with their inner world which leaves the viewer nowhere to go forcing them to face parts of themselves which they might not otherwise wish to see.

Upon graduating Joanna has been part of a number of group exhibitions and art awards both in and around London and continues to work from her studio three days a week in Trinity Buoy Wharf London.